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Alumni association was established in Dec 2016 with blessing of Hon. Prashant Patil Gadakh (President of Mula Education Society ) of Ex. student for former students of college . it provides a forum for alumni to maintain and develop their links with the college and between themselves . It encourages present and past students to remain part of ACS College Sonai.
Its mission is to support and promote the interest of alumni and college community by enabling alumni to strengthen the bonds between present and past students by creating links .
  • To extend the cooperation regarding economical , educational , professional and legal issues as per the rules.
  • To encourage for higher education.
  • To bring together present and pass-out students .
  • To suggest changes to the college .
  • To be linked with the current status of college .
  • To make available employment by advertising job openings.

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About Us

To provide education without discrimination to one and all -
- Technology transfer in rural area.
- Promotion of girls education
- Upliftment of economically backward students and marginal students

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