AQAR 2017-18

Criterion I: Curricular Aspects

Point No.

Particular Document
1.2 Details about Academic Programme Download
1.2 (i) Flexibility of the curriculum :CBCS/Core/Elective option / Open options Download
1.2 (ii) Pattern of programmes Download
1.3 Feedback from stakeholders Download
1.4 Whether there is any revision/update of regulation or syllabi, if yes, mention their
salient aspects
1.5 Any new Department/Centre introduced during the year. If yes, give details Download

Criterion II: Teaching, Learning and Evaluation

Point No.

Particular Document
 2.1  Total No. of permanent faculty Download
2.2 No. of permanent faculty with Ph.D. Download
2.3 No. of Faculty Positions Recruited (R) and Vacant (V) during the year (Grant) Download
2.4 No. of Guest and Visiting faculty and Temporary faculty Download
2.5 Faculty participation in seminars / conferences and symposia Download
2.6 Innovative processes adopted by the institution in Teaching and Learning Download
2.7 Total No. of actual teaching days during this academic year Download
2.8 Examination/ Evaluation Reforms initiated by the Institution (for example: Open
Book Examination, Bar Coding, Double Valuation, Photocopy, Online Multiple
Choice Questions)
2.9 No. of faculty members involved in curriculum restructuring/revision/syllabus
development as member of Board of Study/Faculty/Curriculum development workshop
2.10 Average percentage of attendance of students Download
2.11 Course / Programme wise distribution of pass percentage Download
2.12 How does IQAC Contribute/Monitor/Evaluate the Teaching & Learning processes Download
2.13 Initiatives undertaken towards faculty development Download
2.14 Details of Administrative and Technical staff Download

Criterion III: Research, Consultancy and Extension

Point No.

Particular Document
3.1 Initiatives of the IQAC in Sensitizing/Promoting Research Climate in the institution Download
3.2 Details regarding major projects Download
3.3 Details regarding minor projects Download
3.4 Details on research publications Download
3.5 Details on Impact factor of publications Download
3.6 Research funds sanctioned and received from various funding agencies, industry and other organizations Download
3.7 No. of books published Download
3.8 No. of University Departments receiving funds from Download
3.9 No. of Colleges Departments receiving funds from Download
3.10 Revenue generated through consultancy Download
3.11 No. of conferences/ seminars/workshop organized by the Institution Download
3.12 No. of faculty served as experts, chairpersons or resource persons Download
3.13 No. of collaborations Download
3.14 No. of linkages created during this year Download
3.15 Total budget for research for current year in Lac Download
3.16 No. of patents received this year Download
3.17 No. of research awards/ recognitions received by faculty and research fellows
of the institute in the year
3.18 No. of faculty from the Institution who are Ph.D. Guides and students registered
under them
3.19 No. of Ph.D. awarded by faculty from the Institution Download
3.20 No. of Research scholars receiving the Fellowships (Newly enrolled + existing ones) Download
3.21 No. of students participated in NSS events Download
3.22 No. of students participated in NCC events Download
3.23 No. of Awards won in NSS Download
3.24 No. of Awards won in NCC Download
3.25 No. of Extension activities organized Download
3.26 Major Activities during the year in the sphere of extension activities and Institutional Social Responsibility Download

Criterion IV: Infrastructure and Learning Resources

Point No.

Particular Document
4.1 Details of increase in infrastructure facilities Download
4.2 Computerization of administration and library Download
4.3 Library Services Download
4.4 Technology up gradation (overall) Download
4.5 Computer, Internet access, training to teachers and students and any other programme for technology up gradation (Networking, e-Governance, etc.) Download
4.6 Amount spent on maintenance in Lac Download

Criterion V: Student Support and Progression

Point No.

Particular Document
5.1 Contribution of IQAC in enhancing awareness about student support services Download
5.2 Efforts made by the institution for tracking the progression Download
5.3 Total No. of Students Download
5.4 Details of student support mechanism for coaching for competitive examinations (If any) Download
5.5 No. of students qualified in these examinations Download
5.6 Details of student counseling and career guidance Download
5.7 Details of Campus Placement Download
5.8 Details of gender sensitization programs Download
5.9 Students Activities Download
5.9.1 No. of students participated in Sports, Games and other events Download
5.9.2 No. of medals / awards / won by students in Sports, Games and other students Download
5.10 Scholarship and Financial Support Download
5.11 Student organized initiatives Download
5.12 No. of social initiatives undertaken by the students Download
5.13 Major grievances of students (if any) redressed Download

Criterion VI: Governance, Leadership and Management

Point No.

Particular Document
6.1 State the Vision and Mission of the institution Download
6.2 Does the Institution have a Management Information System Download
6.3 Quality improvement strategies adopted by the institution for each of the following: Download
6.3.1 Curriculum Development Download
6.3.2 Teaching and Learning Download
6.3.3 Examination and Evaluation Download
6.3.4 Research and Development Download
6.3.5 Library, ICT and physical infrastructure / instrumentation Download
6.3.6 Human Resource Management Download
6.3.7 Faculty and Staff recruitment Download
6.3.8 Industry Interaction / Collaboration Download
6.3.9 Admission of Students Download
6.4 Welfare schemes for Teaching and Students Download
6.5 Total corpus fund generated Download
6.6 Whether annual financial audit has been done Download
6.7 Whether Academic and Administrative Audit (AAA) has been done Download
6.8 Does the University / Autonomous College declares results within 30 days Download
6.9 What efforts are made by the University/ Autonomous College for Examination
6.10 What efforts are made by the University to promote autonomy in the affiliated /
constituent colleges
6.11 Activities and support from the Alumni Association Download
6.12 Activities and support from the Parent – Teacher Association Download
6.13 Development programmes for support staff Download
6.14 Initiatives taken by the institution to make the campus eco-friendly Download

Criterion VII: Innovations and Best Practices

Point No.

Particular Document
7.1 Innovations introduced during this academic year which have created a positive impact on the functioning of the institution. Give details Download
7.2 Provide the Action Taken Report (ATR) based on the plan of action decided upon at the beginning of the year Download
7.3 Give two Best Practices of the institution (the format in the NAAC Self-study Manuals) Download
7.4 Contribution to environmental awareness / protection Download
7.5 Whether environmental audit was conducted Download
7.6 Any other relevant information the institution wishes to add.
(for example SWOT Analysis)
8 Plans of institution for next year Download

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