AQAR 2018-19


Point No.

Particular Document
1.1  Curriculum Planning and Implementation
1.1.1 Institution has the mechanism for well planned curriculum delivery and documentation. Explain in 500 words Download
1.1.2 Certificate/ Diploma Courses introduced during the Academic year Download
1.2  Academic Flexibility Download
1.2.1 New programmes/courses introduced during the Academic year Download
1.2.2  Programmes in which Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)/Elective course system implemented at the affiliated Colleges (if applicable) during the Academic year. Download
1.2.3  Students enrolled in Certificate/ Diploma Courses introduced during the year Download
1.3  Curriculum Enrichment Download
1.3.1  Value-added courses imparting transferable and life skills offered during the year Download
1.3.2  Field Projects / Internships under taken during the year Download
1.4  Feedback System Download
1.4.1  Whether structured feedback received from all the stakeholders. Download
1.4.2  How the feedback obtained is being analyzed and utilized for overall development of the institution? (maximum 500 words) Download


Point No.

Particular Document
2.1  Student Enrollment and Profile Download
2.1. 1  Demand Ratio during the year Download
2.2  Catering to Student Diversity Download
2.2.1.  Student – Full time teacher ratio (current year data) Download
2.3  Teaching – Learning Process Download
2.3.1  Percentage of teachers using ICT for effective teaching with Learning Management Systems (LMS), E-learning resources etc. (current year data) Download
2.3.2  Students mentoring system available in the institution? Give details. (maximum 500 words) Download
2.4  Teacher Profile and Quality Download
2.4.1  Number of full time teachers appointed during the year Download
2.4.2  Honours and recognitions received by teachers
(received awards, recognition, fellowships at State, National, International level from Government, recognized bodies during the year )
2.5  Evaluation Process and Reforms Download
2.5.1  Number of days from the date of semester-end/ year- end examination till the declaration of results during the year Download
2.5.2  Reforms initiated on Continuous Internal Evaluation(CIE) system at the institutional level (250 words) Download
2.5.3  Academic calendar prepared and adhered for conduct of Examination and other related matters (250 words) Download
2.6  Student Performance and Learning Outcomes Download
2.6.1  Program outcomes, program specific outcomes and course outcomes
for all programs offered by the institution are stated and displayed in website of the institution
(to provide the weblink)
2.6.2  Pass percentage of students Download
2.7 Student Satisfaction Survey Download
2.7.1  Student Satisfaction Survey (SSS) on overall institutional performance (Institution may design the questionnaire) (results and details be provided as weblink) Download


Point No.

Particular Document
3.1  Resource Mobilization for Research Download
3.1.1  Research funds sanctioned and received from various agencies, industry and other organisations Download
3.2   Innovation Ecosystem Download
3.2.1  Workshops/Seminars Conducted on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Industry-Academia Innovative practices during the year Download
3.2.2  Awards for Innovation won by Institution/Teachers/Research scholars/Students during the year Download
3.2.3  No. of Incubation centre created, start-ups incubated on campus during the year Download
3.3  Research Publications and Awards Download
3.3.1  Incentive to the teachers who receive recognition/awards Download
3.3.2  Ph. D.s awarded during the year (applicable for PG College, Research Center) Download
3.3.3  Research Publications in the Journals notified on UGC website during the year Download
3.3.4  Books and Chapters in edited Volumes / Books published, and papers in National/International Conference Proceedings per Teacher during the year Download
3.3.5  Bibliometrics of the publications during the last Academic year based on average citation index in Scopus/ Web of Science or Pub Med/ Indian Citation Index Download
3.3.6  h-index of the Institutional Publications during the year. (based on Scopus/ Web of science) Download
3.3.7  Faculty participation in Seminars/Conferences and Symposia during the year : Download
3.4  Extension Activities Download
3.4.1  Number of extension and outreach programmes conducted in collaboration with industry, community and Non- Government Organisations through NSS/NCC/Red cross/Youth Red Cross (YRC) etc., during the year Download
3.4.2  Awards and recognition received for extension activities from Government and other recognized bodies during the year Download
3.4.3  Students participating in extension activities with Government Organisations, Non-Government Organisations and programmes such as Swachh Bharat, Aids Awareness, Gender Issue, etc. during the year Download
3.5 Collaborations Download
3.5.1  Number of Collaborative activities for research, faculty exchange, student exchange during the year Download
3.5.2  Linkages with institutions/industries for internship, on-the-job training, project work, sharing of research facilities etc. during the year Download
3.5.3  MoUs signed with institutions of national, international importance, other universities, industries, corporate houses etc. during the year Download


Point No.

Particular Document
4.1  Physical Facilities Download
4.1.1  Budget allocation, excluding salary for infrastructure augmentation during the year Download
4.1.2  Details of augmentation in infrastructure facilities during the year Download
4.2  Library as a Learning Resource Download
4.2.1  Library is automated {Integrated Library Management System -ILMS} Download
4.2.1  Library Services: Download
4.3   IT Infrastructure Download
4.3.1  Technology Upgradation (overall) Download
4.3.2  Bandwidth available of internet connection in the Institution (Leased line) Download
4.3.3  Facility for e-content Download
4.3.4  E-content developed by teachers such as: e-PG-Pathshala, CEC (under e-PG-Pathshala CEC (Under Graduate) SWAYAM other MOOCs platform NPTEL/NMEICT/any other Government initiatives & institutional (Learning Management System (LMS) etc Download
4.4  Maintenance of Campus Infrastructure Download
4.4.1  Expenditure incurred on maintenance of physical facilities and academic support facilities, excluding salary component, during the year Download
4.4.2  Procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities – laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc. (maximum 500 words) (information to be available in institutional Website, provide link) Download


Point No.

Particular Document
5.1  Student Support Download
5.1.1  Scholarships and Financial Support Download
5.1.2  Number of capability enhancement and development schemes such as Soft skill development, Remedial coaching, Language lab, Bridge courses, Yoga, Meditation, Personal Counselling and Mentoring etc., Download
5.1.3  Students benefited by guidance for competitive examinations and career counselling offered by the institution during the year Download
5.1.4  Institutional mechanism for transparency, timely redressal of student grievances, Prevention of sexual harassment and ragging cases during the year Download
5.2  Student Progression Download
5.2.1  Details of campus placement during the year Download
5.2.2  Student progression to higher education in percentage during the year Download
5.2.3  Students qualifying in state/ national/ international level examinations during the year (eg: NET/SET/SLET/GATE/GMAT/CAT/GRE/TOFEL/Civil Services/State Government Services) Download
5.2.4  Sports and cultural activities / competitions organised at the institution level during the year Download
5.3  Student Participation and Activities Download
5.3.1  Number of awards/medals for outstanding performance in sports/cultural activities at national/international level (award for a team event should be counted as one) Download
5.3.2  Activity of Student Council & representation of students on academic & administrative bodies/committees of the institution (maximum 500 words) Download
5.3  Alumni Engagement Download
5.3.1  Whether the institution has registered Alumni Association? Yes/No, if yes give details (maximum 500 words): Download
5.3.2  No. of registered enrolled Alumni Download
5.3.3  Alumni contribution during the year (in Rupees) Download
5.3.4  Meetings/activities organized by Alumni Association Download


Point No.

Particular Document
6.1  Institutional Vision and Leadership Download
6.1.1  Mention two practices of decentralization and participative management during the last year (maximum 500 words) Download
6.1.2  Does the institution have a Management Information System (MIS)? Yes/No/Partial: Download
6.2  Strategy Development and Deployment Download
6.2.1  Quality improvement strategies adopted by the institution for each of the following (with in 100 words each): Download
6.2.2  Implementation of e-governance in areas of operations: Download
6.3  Faculty Empowerment Strategies Download
6.3.1  Teachers provided with financial support to attend conferences / workshops and towards membership fee of professional bodies during the year Download
6.3.2  Number of professional development / administrative training programmes organized by the College for teaching and non teaching staff during the year Download
6.3.3  No. of teachers attending professional development programmes, viz., Orientation Programme, Refresher Course, Short Term Course, Faculty Development Programmes during the year Download
6.3.4  Faculty and Staff recruitment (no. for permanent/fulltime recruitment): Teaching  as Permanent &  Fulltime, Non-teaching – Permanent – Fulltime/temporary Download
6.3.5  Welfare schemes for Teaching, Non teaching &  Students Download
6.4  Financial Management and Resource Mobilization Download
6.4.1  Institution conducts internal and external financial audits regularly (with in 100 words each) Download
6.4.2  Funds / Grants received from management, non-government bodies, individuals, philanthropies during the year(not covered in Criterion III) Download
6.4.2  Total corpus fund generated Download
6.5  Internal Quality Assurance System Download
6.5.1  Whether Academic and Administrative Audit (AAA) has been done? Download
6.5.2  Activities and support from the Parent – Teacher Association (at least three) Download
6.5.3  Development programmes for support staff (at least three) Download
6.5.4  Post Accreditation initiative(s) (mention at least three) Download
6.5.5 a. Submission of Data for AISHE portal : (Yes /No) Download
b. Participation in NIRF : (Yes /No) Download
c. ISO Certification : (Yes /No) Download
d. NBA or any other quality audit : (Yes /No) Download
6.5.6  Number of Quality Initiatives undertaken during the year Download


Point No.

Particular Document
7.1  Institutional Values and Social Responsibilities Download
7.1.1  Gender Equity (Number of gender equity promotion programmes organized by the institution during the year) Download
7.1.2  Environmental Consciousness and Sustainability/Alternate Energy initiatives such as:
Percentage of power requirement of the College met by the renewable energy sources
7.1.3  Differently abled (Divyangjan) friendliness Download
7.1.4  Inclusion and Situatedness Download
7.1.5  Human Values and Professional Ethics Download
7.1.6  Activities conducted for promotion of universal Values and Ethics Download
7.1.7  Initiatives taken by the institution to make the campus eco-friendly (at least five) Download
7.2   Best Practices Download
7.3  Institutional Distinctiveness Download
8.  Future Plans of action for next academic year (500 words) Download

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