Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) - course of study/choice of subjects

F.Y. B.Com.:

There are 7 papers to be studied at F.Y.B.Com.

  1. Compulsory English
  2. Financial Accounting
  3. Business Economics (Micro)
  4. Business Mathematics and Statistics

Optional Groups:-

  1. ( A) Banking and Finance
  2. (B) Marketing and Salesmanship OR Business Environment and Entrepreneurship
  1. Marathi

The students should note that the optional subject at F.Y.B.Com. once offered cannot be changed later as the same subject continues at S.Y.B.Com.

* There will be an oral Examination of 20 Marks for the subject Marathi at F.Y.B.Com.

As per university circular Physical Education course shall be compulsory to all F.Y. students from 2016-17.


Following 6 subjects are to be studied at S.Y.B.Com.

Compulsory Subject:-

  1. Business Communication
  2. Corporate Accounting
  3. Business Economics (Macro)
  4. Business of Management
  5. Elements of Company Law

Special Group :- (Any one of the following)

  1. Special Subject – Paper – I
  2. Banking and Finance
  3. Marketing Management


  1. Business Regulatory Framework (M. Law)
  2. Advanced Accounting
  3. Indian and Global Economic Development
  4. Auditing and Taxation

Special Subjects: Paper II and III

Students should choose special subjects paper II and III as per selection of special subject paper I at S.Y.B.Com. Level.

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