Discipline & Parent Communication Committee

S. N. Name of the Member Designation Contact Number
1 Dr. Shankar Laxman Laware


Chairperson 9822742384
2 Dr. Ashok Rangnath Tuwar

Vice – Principal

Member 9975390410
3 Dr. Sitaram Rangnath Roundal

Assoc. Professor

Member 9822439267
4 Dr. Dnyandeo Eknath Zine

Assist. Professor

Member 9850221449
5 Shri. Vasant Ramchandra Phatake

Assist. Professor

Member 9970507460
6 Dr. Vitthal Eknath Darandale

Assist. Professor

Member 9766706551
7 Dr. Sambhaji Sopanrao Darade

Assist. Professor

Member 9970233469
8 Shri. Popatrao Balaram Aghav

Non Teac. Rep

Member 9881940527
9 Dr. Ravindra Baliram Khandare

Director of Physical Education


Secretary 8888261333
Emergency Assistance
10 Police Station


                        02427 231533
11 Shri. Sudhir Murlidhar Shete

Security Officer


About Us

To provide education without discrimination to one and all -
- Technology transfer in rural area.
- Promotion of girls education
- Upliftment of economically backward students and marginal students

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