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Department of Economics was started in 1989. Dr. Dnyandeo Zine is Head of the Department. The courses are taught at general level for B.A. and B.Com. The department organizes state and national level conferences. The faculty presented research works at international level Colombo (Shrilanka), Bangkok (Thailand).

Course Offered

Sr. No Class Course taught
1. FY BA Indian Economy Problem Prospect
2. SY BA Modern Banking
3. TY BA Economic Development and Planning
4 FY B.Com Business Economics(micro)
5 SY B.Com Business Economics(macro)
6 TY B.Com Indian And Global Economic Development


Name / Designation Biodata
Prof. Dnyandeo Eknath Zine
Head & Professor
M.A., M.Phil.,Ph.D.
Contact No : 09767672427

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To provide education without discrimination to one and all -
- Technology transfer in rural area.
- Promotion of girls education
- Upliftment of economically backward students and marginal students

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