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 About the Department

The Department of History was started in June 1990 and obtained permanent affiliation to U.G. from 1997-98 and P.G. from 2015-16 respectively. Dr. Sambhaji Darade is Head of Department. The Department arranges national, state, college level conferences and publishes books and research papers.

 UG Courses Offered  

Sr. No Class Course Offered
1. FYBA Chh. Shivaji And His Time(1630-1707)
2. SYBA –G2 Modern India (1857-1950)
3. SYBA –S1 Diplomatic History of Marathas(1707-1818)
4. SYBA –S2 Medieval India (1206-1707)
5. TYBA –G3 History of the world in 20th Century (1914-1992)
6. TYBA-S3 Introduction to History
7. TYBA-S4 History of USA(1914-1992)

 PG Courses offered  

Sr. No Class       Course Offered
1. MA-I  Sem. –I 1.History: Theory and Method
2. Evolution of ideas & institutions Early India
3.Maratha Polity
4.Social Background of Dalit Movement in Maharashtra
Sem.-II 1. Approaches to History
2. Ideas & institutions in Medieval India
3. Socio-Economic History of the Maratha
4. Marathas in 17th and 18th century Power Politics
2 MA-II Sem.-III 1.Ancient & medieval civilization of the world
2.Debates in Indian History
3. Economic History of Modern India
4. Maharashtra in the 19th Century
Sem.-IV 1. History Of Modern India(1857-1971)
2. Intellectual History of Modern West
3. World after world war II(1945-2000)
4. Maharashtra in the 20th century

 Activities of Department

  1. Study tour to various historical places.
  2. Guidance for competitive examination
  3. Arranged the guest lecture series.
  4. Poster exhibition.

Career Opportunity

  1. Competitive Exam
  2. Teaching
  3. Archaeology
  4. Travels And Tour


Name / Designation Biodata
Dr. Sambhaji Sopanrao Darade
Head & Assistant Professor
M.A., B.Ed., D.C.E., M.Phil, Ph.D.
Contact No : 09970233469
Dr. Jagdish Chhaburao Sonawane
Associate Professor
M.A., B.Sc., NET, Ph.D.
Contact No : 09423210260
Mr. Dnyaneshwar Balasaheb Padar
Assistant Professor
Contact No : 09960950236

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