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Technology is an essential part of most management decisions today.
So a majority of our projects involves the information technology (IT) implications of strategy formulation and
project support for Data, Voice and Video implementation.

Airwire services

To provide the best Quality Services for their valuable Customer.

Software Solutions

Airwire Solutions is a leading IT System Integration company with the Next Generation Technology offerings Software Solutions with great focus on Hospitality customers who are always on the thrust to provide the best Quality Services for their valuable Customer. We also offer the services to Enterprises, Hospitals, Educational Institutes, Airports, Malls & other public spaces. Our team includes professionals, who have vast experience in the field of Solution.

Wi-Fi Solutions

We offer Simple and effective WiFi solution that lets you provide free wifi or sell it to your guests. Our solutions include Marina WiFi, Hotel WiFi, Conference Centre Internet and Pub / Hospitality, Healthcare, Sports Venue, Town and Community, and Holiday Park Wi-Fi systems. We supply a complete solution, from our own designed Wi-Fi billing and management system, network monitoring platform, payment processing systems and content management systems.

Surveillence Systems

Security cameras are a great way to provide security for your home or workplace. As well as providing you with video footage of any events that may happen, they also act as a visible deterrent to criminals. Airwire produces a range of CCTV Solution, ensuring there is one suitable for every budget. CCTV systems have many components with a variety of functions, features, and specifications. Key components include cameras, lenses, data distribution, power, and lighting, among others.

About Our Company

AirWire is a leader in consulting and technology solutions. As a proven partner focused on building tomorrow's enterprise, AirWire enables clients to outperform the competition and stay ahead of the innovation curve. We help enterprises transform and thrive in a changing world through strategic consulting, operational leadership and the co-creation of breakthrough solutions, including those in Enterprise class mobility, sustainability, Wireless technologies, and Network security verticals. We deliver real results to businesses, ensuring a level of certainty that no other firm can match. We provide solutions with strategic insights on what lies ahead. AirWire Solutions is a professionally managed company with a qualified management and technical team providing end-to-end Information Technology & Networking solutions for Small, Medium and Large business enterprises. Over a decade, we have built a loyal client base that relies on us for providing and managing their information technology solutions. Associating with the best in IT majors in India and abroad; we strive to bring the best-of-breed solutions that meet the immediate and future needs of our clients.

Our expertise into IT Consulting, Secured WiFiHotSpot, Firewall solutions


To become one of the most innovative and respected IT, consulting technology company in providing top quality technology services.


  • Enable everyone into digital transformation.
  • 10+ Years of domain experience.
  • 500+ Major projects.
  • Expertise into Enterprise Wireless Networks.
  • Next-Generation Network Security/ Cybersecurity solutions provider.
  • Carrier-class Operations Support Systems (OSS) that enables network operators to deploy and manage large public WLAN networks.
  • High end & scalable networks.
  • Cost optimization.
  • We serve everyone from integrators looking to deploy and manage large Education, Enterprise, Hospitality, Retail, Municipal networks, to café owners after a low cost, high value WiFi system for their customers.
  • Strong R&D background focuses on transparent, vendor-neutral networking technologies that seamlessly integrate with and reuse customers’ existing networks.
  • At AirWire, our principle to build customer loyalty is through timely and efficient service. Understanding the demands of the corporate world and our ever-ready attitude has won us many prestigious projects.
  • AirWire customer profile has been developed over the years to include successful and IT-savvy companies across all industry verticals. We have a strong understanding of needs of overseas branch operations and subsidiaries of large multinational corporations as well as managing the time lines and cost challenges of Indian customers.
  • Our strong association with leading IT companies such as HPE,Aruba, CISCO, Dlink& many more has provided us with an excellent technical and customer orientation that is hard to find elsewhere. Our technical aptitude is matched by our positive attitude towards problem solving and resource management of our customer needs.

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Esteemed Clients

AirWire Solutions – WiFiHospot& Authentication Gateway(AAA) KEY FEATURES

Previous Next

Captive Portal Features

Create Customizable Login Pages Device Based Login Pages – Mobile/Laptop Location Based Captive Portal Social Media Based Authentication Create Page for SMS OTP based login User Self Registration Promotions and Branding options


Role Based Multiple Level Administration Change Password Options Multi-functionality Dashboard Facility Ease of admin interface Quick configuration options Easy option for network troubleshooting Alert on Login Failure Events


SMS Gateway Renown PMS Integration like IDS Next, Oracle-Opera, WinHMS, Innkey& many more… CRM Integration Payment Gateway Third Party NAS and RADIUS Integration Co-Work with existing UTM Co-Work with any brand of Access Points

Bandwidth Management

Committed and Burstable Bandwidth Individual and Shared Bandwidth Quota Bandwidth Scheduling & Fair Usage Policy Restrict Users Based on Data and Bandwidth

Coupon Management

Branding & Customizable Coupon Templates Instant coupon generation in printable formats System generated username & passwords

Attractive & User Friendly Admin Interface

Rich look and feel of admin GUI Multi-lingual GUI option Demographic Field Option Comprehensive Dashboard Format Easy Control & Configuration Options

Plan Details

Post Paid Plan, Advance Paid Plan No Invoice Plan Prepaid Plan Smart Bytes Plan & Daily Plan Day & Night free plan

Management Control

Auto Black List Control URL Black List Device Control


User Management Report Account Expiry Report Browsing Report & Bandwidth Report Bandwidth Usage & Session Report & many more…

1. Next-GEN Solution offering For Healthcare segment

Full WiFi Coverage

Ceiling mount, wall plate, and outdoor APs provide high-speed WiFi for all indoor and outdoor places and scenarios.

Protects Your Network from Threats

Utilize powerful firewalls, device security detection and protection, IP-MAC-Port-VLAN Binding, URL identification and filter, and more.

Stable Wired Connections

2.5 G or 1 G Ethernet wired connections are provided for the office computers, medical equipment, front desks, access points, and IP cameras.

Seamless Roaming for Uninterrupted Streaming

Ensure staff, patients, and guests enjoy uninterrupted streaming when moving around by switching clients automatically to the access points with the optimal signal.

Secure Guest Network with Captive Portal

Provide secure guest WiFi access along with multiple authentication options (SMS/ /Voucher, etc.).

Quickly Troubleshoot to Stabilize Your Network

Remotely and quickly locate network faults and analyze potential network problems with Airwire easy-to-use management interface and AI-Driven technology.

Easy Centralized Management

Centrally manage your access points, switches, routers, and more, anywhere, anytime—all controlled from a single easy-to-use interface.

High-Density WiFi Deployment

WiFi 6 and WiFi 5 APs improve efficiency and ensure top-tier performance for canteens and meeting rooms with high-density clients.

Easy Installation and Deployment

Easy mount construction; PoE support; and a refined, minimalist appearance allow for easy installation and deployment.

Healthcare Wi-Fi solutions need to have Enterprise guest Wi-Fi functions. This include setup of long-term accounts for Doctors, contracted staff, allowing them to access selected equipment such as printers from their own devices. Clinicians and patients, administrators and visitors: they all now rely on having personalized, secure access to online medical records and applications, administrative databases and the Internet.

We make that connection simple, secure and compliant to WiFi Guidelines.

Healthcare institutions rely on Wi-Fi to support Electronic Medical Records, diagnostic testing, e-prescribing and many more key clinical applications. Hospitals and clinics need to ensure that access to the network is controlled and data secured in a manageable and efficient way. Healthcare institutions rely on the network to support clinical services for patients and staff, private data for administrators, and public access for patients and visitors. Doctors and nurses access patient data and use clinical applications wherever they are in a hospital, but at the same time share the network with patients and visitors.

We offer end to end

Healthcare Secured WiFi solution which includes Secured HSIA Authentication Controller , Access points, Switches & other devices.

Network Requirements
  • Provide secure and stable network to protect the privacy information.
  • High-speed wireless signals covering each wards, offices, and everywhere.
  • Provide uninterrupted network service at anywhere, including corridors and lifts.
  • Flexible deployment and central management for quick and convenient usage.
  • Simple-designed appearance to blend with the decoration.
Benefits for patients
  1. Contact With The Outside World
  2. Video and voice calls with friends and family.
    Keeping up with school or work.

  3. Understand Their Own Treatment
  4. Healthcare professionals can visually show patients the exact implications of a given treatment.
    Patients can research their own treatment using own devices.

  5. Happy Patients Recover Faster
  6. Wi-Fi is as close to a ‘home away from home’ experience as you can get when you’re in a hospital.
    Patients can go about their daily routines with social media and watching online TV.

  7. Patients Stay Informed
  8. The captive portals can be used to inform patients about things they otherwise may miss.
    The information can be localized down to a single department.

2.Next-GEN Solution Offering For Hospitality Segment

HSIA Guest Internet Access Gateway

AirWire HSIA Internet Access Gateway offers Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) which incorporates captive portal capabilities and accounting of several guests easily. Hotels can offer promotions and discounts as well as launch date; time and usage based plans to their guests. It also enables carrying third party advertisements on Captive portal/ WiFi Login pages. AirWire's access controller facilitates bandwidth control based on guest requirement and supports committed bandwidth allocation, offering high quality service to high-value customers. It also supports burstable bandwidth allocation, automatically allocating extra bandwidth to privileged guests.

Guest Room Type and Range

AirWire solution facilitates hotels to define room types and number of rooms available in the hotels. With the help of this facility hoteliers can define or offer internet access to guests according to their standard of room. AirWire allows hotels to add minimum 1 to maximum number of rooms without any limitation.

Zero Configuration Networking

AirWire allows inexpert guests to connect their laptop and access internet automatically. AirWire creates a usable IP network for guest without configuration or special server. With the help of zero configuration feature, guests can easily plug-in their laptop and start surfing without any technical IP configurations.

Captive Portal Capabilities

AirWire solution offers attractive guest login page branded accordingly for single property location or multiple properties at different locations. The portal page intercepts browser home page request to the URL defined which restricts unauthenticated guests from surfing. With the help of AirWire captive portal features, hotels and hotspots can create pool wise, zone wise, SSID wise, location wise captive portal for their guests and users. AirWire user interface supports walled garden sites, or unauthenticated access to specific websites like hotel website or advertisement URLs.

User Friendly & Attractive GUI

The rich look and feel of the GUI has been designed according to the attractive and eye-catching stylish designs expected in the hospitality industry. The entire configurations in the solution can be easily managed from a single page, and similarly all the required features can be managed from the control page. Hotel admin can avail complete details of guest checked-in/out, plans purchased etc at a single glance. In addition, most reviewed pages are categorized separately which reduces the navigation process for hotel admin managing the solution.

Property Management System Integration

HSIA Gateway is pre-integrated various property management systems in the market like Micros, Fidelio, IDS, Shawman, Amadeus, SAP etc enabling hotels to offer consolidated billing for Internet access and other services to guest on checkout. AirWire also offers the flexibility to integrated with any third party PMS that is being used in the hotel. AirWire solution is an ideal solution for hotels with PMS and without PMS.

* Seamless Wired and Wireless Roaming

Seamless roaming between wired and wireless network gives the liberty to guests to change interface and freely roam between his room and hotel public areas. AirWire offers login once by which guests need not follow the authentication process each time while switching from wireless to wired network. The AirWire solution incorporates the functionality of authentication /charging or no authentication during switch over.

* Walk-in Coupon Management

AirWire walk-in coupon management facilitates multiple coupon generation, can be provided in different templates with user id and password. These coupons are generated with attached pre-paid surfing package based on hours/days or usage. The prepaid coupons enable instant access to walk-in users or guests at hotspots and hotels. AirWire maintains multiple templates for customization by which hotels & hotspots can offer branded voucher and coupon. This module eliminates the requirement of creating/registering guest account before accessing internet.

* SMS Gateway

Now mobile phones can be used to exchange business information swiftly and in secured way. AirWire offers advanced feature which can be configured to send Internet username & password directly to the guests on their mobile number. You can also maintain the SMS authentication process using this feature.

* Payment Gateway

AirWire facilitates service providers to receive online payment by integrating with well-known payment gateways like Paypal, Payseal, Securepay, HDFC, Tech Process etc. With the help of this facility subscribers have the flexibility to easily make payments for their plans and enjoy uninterrupted services.

* User Log Reports

AirWire offers an advanced feature, Web Surfing Log, using which you can maintain the track of websites and applications surfed by guests. Complete reporting of the surfing details of guest can be availed in different printable and graphical formats which ensures the security of the network as well as in maintaining the network performance and productivity.

Benefits of Secured Guest WiFi Hotspot Solution

1. Simple Guest WiFi Hotspot management
Airwire Solutions intuitive network profile approach takes the headache out of configuring and managing multiple hotspots. Use the Airwire Wizard to apply hotspot and network settings to a site and then save the settings as a profile to apply to other sites. Make changes to shared profiles to instantly update multiple sites with just a few clicks. AirwireHotSpot Software is the most feature-rich guest WiFi hotspot management software in the industry. It helps you control and bill your customers for the Internet access, engage them with captivating advertisements, collect guest data and surveys, send automatic promo emails. Build a free guest WiFi using social login, shared keywords, SMS or Email verification, or offer a faster paid WiFi access with a credit card or PayPal payments, pre-printed tickets, Hotel PMS integration with room/name, and keep 100% profit.

2. Multiple authentication methods.
Unique Username & Password based on time & bandwidth based policies Device Based Login Pages – Mobile/Laptop/ Tablet Social Media Based Authentication Create Page for SMS OTP based login Free & Paid WiFi Access as per customer requirement Capture User Database like Name/ Email id/ Mobile no.

3. Guest control WiFi and wired Internet access
Airwire HotSpot software helps you offer free or paid Hotel WiFi access: Easily create prepaid codes/Tickets with Hotel cu Post charges to the guest room using PMS interface Free access with daily limits on download, time, data Combine free trial with paid faster access Remote HotSpot operator for front-desk staff Require accepting terms of use before session Collect guest data (name, Email, address)

4. Vendor agnostic
The Airwire system can be applied to any WiFi network, existing or planned.Put Airwire flexibility, robust ness and elegance at your fingertips from your Cloud Deck control panel regardless of your choice of WiFi hardware. You can even dep loy and run networks from different vendors all through the one interface.And we also integrate a range of vendor specific services such as loWiFi Marketing: How to interact with your customers:- According to data, 96% of consumers would rather shop at stores that have free WiFi, which will also encourage them to come back to the store. 1. Customer Engagement &WiFi Marketing Today, the challenge of retailers is to extend the use of WiFi in-store, from being a convenience service to a medium to interact with customers while shopping but also when they’re outside the store. Is this really possible with guest WiFi?Yes, it is called WiFi Marketing! When guests log on to the WiFi network, they are taken to a WiFi Captive Portal page that the business can fill with whatever they wish. Hotels could use this page to advertise facilities and promotions they have to guests.

With AirWireWiFi Marketing, you can:

1. Promote a new product
2. Display special offers
3. Make customers participate to contests
4. Invite customers to apply to the brand’s loyalty program

AirwireWiFi’s sophisticated Campaign module lets you engage with customers from the moment they walk through the door. Schedule the delivery of messages during WiFi sessions, push targeted content according to past customer behavior, location information and more. Deploy data capture to gather demographic insights, build customer loyalty databases and even add a questionnaire to transform your WiFi campaign into a fully-fledged customer competition. Derive even more value by analyzing the results to see just how effective your WiFi campaign can be.

3.Next-GEN WiFi Solution For Colleges, Schools & Universities

Education Institutions

Educational institutions need to cater to a savvy, hyper-connected student population, many of whom use multiple web-ready devices in their course of study. Peak-traffic periods, such as online exams, also demand guaranteed bandwidth for smooth operation. Technology advances have changed the face of education as well. Bandwidth-heavy devices and applications are moving into the classroom to enhance the learning experience. Campus networks are coming under increasing strain. With the AirWire , a one-stop gateway for managing large-venue public access networks, schools and universities can optimize bandwidth for multimedia classrooms and on-campus roaming. Multiple authentication methods such as LDAP, SMS, Username /Password –Coupons, Social Media Loginsand more are integrated for smooth student logins.

AirWire Campus Wi-Fi Networks Suitable For

Universities, B-Schools, Technological & Research Institutes, Engineering Colleges, International Schools, Businesses and corporate campuses.

Reasons For Campus WI-FI

Campus Wifi based on the Wireless IEEE 802.11x standards.. High speed Wi-Fi coverage across the campus Hacking-resistant and Secure Connectivity Consistent Wi-Fi performance at range, Indoor and outdoor Integration support with Campus E-learning tools Aesthetic set-up& low cost Easy Integration of WIFI by simply plugging a power outlet portables, cafeterias, auditoriums, Conference Halls, and Lecture halls.

Benefits with Campus WiFi

High powered and cost effective Wifi connectivity for complete campus Multiple networks for Students, Teachers and Administrators Optimal Wifi speed and Secure WiFi and Wireless Connectivity Seamless WiFi roaming for Students, Faculty, Administrators Complete end to end turnkey solutions from design to implementation to 24/7 support services Individual Logins for each student Fair Bandwidth Allocation Automated account registration Approval Mechanism Automatic MAC Binding Student activity tracking Group based policies Daily Upload & Download Quota Restrict access based on date/time.

4.Next-GEN WiFi Solution for Retail – Malls / Cafes

Retail – Malls / Cafes

Engage with customers and keep them coming back to the store with an unforgettable digital experience. Make connectivity so simple and inspiring that customers become brand ambassadors. Knowing who your customers are and what they do digitally in store helps you interact better, deliver outstanding service and design smarter through context appropriate promotions. Integrate on-line with in-store shopping experience to change your shoppers into faithful customers who will be welcomed back every time they connect. Looking for more info or stories to engage your digital shoppers?

Need of Retail segment:

Easy connection for customers, A flexible and scalable architecture for store of any size, Compatibility with every device, A personalized digital environment, Analytics reports on shoppers behavior & journey, Creation of highly focused marketing campaigns, Leverage and measure customers satisfaction.

AirWireFeatures :

Easy on boarding combining flexible personal data collection (self registration, social media authentication) as well as automatic re-authentication, Flexible architecture and cost effective deployment model allowing hundreds of stores to be managed from a single datacenter, Fully customizable in store digital experience, Customer data collection and analytics, Secured WiFi solution.

Shopping malls, retail outlets and chain stores are looking for avenues to attract customers and increase the footfall in their venues. Nowadays, businesses are offering free and unlimited WiFi to attract buyers to their stores. Instead of charging the customer for WiFi access, they are using WiFi technology to advertise and promote their products and services. They are also interested in understanding the consumer behavior and demographics to customize their marketing and promotion campaign to targeted customers.

AirWire Shopping Mall Wi-Fi access management solution comes in a robust appliance based solution in different models to suit small, medium and large networks. It is a plug-n-play solution with attractive features specially designed to enable shopping malls in offering attractive & customizable login pages, prepaid coupons, internet billing solution, bandwidth management, restricts unauthorized users and maintains complete logs of user’s activity.

*User Onboarding

User Onboarding is simple and flexible, using either social media authentication or a short registration form. Completely customize your offline and online splash pages to include specific branding, promotions and advertising. Manage every step of your customers brand experience with customized landing pages, and real-time e-shots and SMS alerts.

*Identify your customers

Unlike many digital forms of data capture, WiFi and location analytics enables you to paint a full picture of your customers; from key demographic data such as name, date of birth and gender, to contact information, social interests, footfall, dwell and frequency of visits.

*Cloud or On-Prem Solution:

A flexible infrastructure lets you choose what type of management works best for you. Choose AirWire Central Cloud Management for a single dashboard to monitor and troubleshoot Wi-Fi and wired networks across many sites. AirWire On-Prem to manage multi-site, multivendor networks through a single Dashboard.

*Third party sponsorship

Drive revenue with fully customizable splash pages designed to allow ease of WiFi access, connect with multiple social media channels and re-direct customers to specific landing pages, advertisements or promotions.

*Increase return rates

Use the customer data collected to send hyper-personalized marketing communications with AirWire built in automation tool; driving loyalty and increasing customer retention.


5.Next-GEN WiFi solution for Enterprises/ Office Spaces

Access to visitor Wi-Fi is expected in any organization by guests and employees. The connection should be easy and have no impact on the day-to-day operations of the business. Whether the organization hosts large numbers of visitors, training centers or manage multi-tenanted buildings, self-service or sponsored access is crucial. Enterprise mobility,a connectivity wherever the employee is and whatever device he chooses to use to connect. It may be at the office, at home, in a hotel; with a corporate laptop or a personal smartphone. Their connation to the network should be easy and secure with a look and feel relative to their status.

Our Offerings:

• Customize Captive Portal with Logo & image • Different Authentication methods like Unique Username / Password based SMS-OTP based ERP/CRM Integration MAC based Authentication • Authenticate and authorize for secure connectivity • Control session bandwidth& control • Time / bandwidth based plans if reqd • AP Monitoring • Seamless Roaming across Campus • Support any type of client • Precisely define each users or groups’ access rights • Host sponsored login credentials for visitors with reporting and accountability • BYOD • A flexible, scalable architecture that integrates with ERP/ CRM software

Co-working office providers need to ensure they’re using their office WiFi to capture more meaningful information about their members, this can include frequency of visits, time spent online etc. – and generate insights that can be fed back into the marketing mix to further drive personalized promotions and triggered campaigns.

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